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Been fostering these 3 kittens. From left - Heidi, Jack and Smeagole.

Smeagole died because of some virus. A day after that, it's Jack's turn. Suspecting the same virus.

Only Heidi left. The beautiful little kitten. Long fur. We really want to keep her at this point. We brought her to the vet and the vet said she has this diarrhoea virus that can kill her. 50 50 chance to live in a week. That explains the death of her brother and sister.

She made it. One week. She survived! She always plays with her stepbrother - Marmite.

But one day, I let her out of the house. Together with Marmite. But when I call them, only Marmite came in. No Heidi. So I went out of the house. Outside of the gate, there lies Hiedi on the asphalt. She was trying to breathe. I brought her inside. Trying to figure out what to do. It's already almost bedtime. No nearest vets are open at this hour.

She died. Heidi died in front of us.

We miss all these kittens. Marmite too. He's been calling out the kittens. So sad.

Gonna take a break in fostering kittens. Now fostering an adult cat - Marmite. Or should we just adopt him?


Got his Cadbury Flake from parents-in-law. Not in Malaysia market. Or maybe sold at high-end retail hypermart?

If you see this product, please try. So delicious.


Went to the 3K Subang Jaya today for swimming.. not disappointed.

Here, they will give you some kind of member card for RM10. RM5 for credit inside of the card. The charge for adult entrance is RM4 + 6% during weekends and public holiday whilst during weekdays is RM3 + 6%. You can see the charges in the picture above. Open every day from 8am to 10pm.

Also in 3K they also have new Gymnasium! You can see other facilities in the 3K in the picture below: