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Went to the 3K Subang Jaya today for swimming.. not disappointed.

Here, they will give you some kind of member card for RM10. RM5 for credit inside of the card. The charge for adult entrance is RM4 + 6% during weekends and public holiday whilst during weekdays is RM3 + 6%. You can see the charges in the picture above. Open every day from 8am to 10pm.

Also in 3K they also have new Gymnasium! You can see other facilities in the 3K in the picture below:


Happy to announce that I am married to the lady of my choice, since December 2016.

A ceremony held at local surau after Asar prayer on sayyidul ayyam attended by both sides of families and close friends. Followed by a walimatulurus or reception on the next day held at a hall 30 minutes away from both our home which caters both sets of our guests.

A whole new journey for us. Thank you for coming to our ceremony and reception. We humbly apologize if there is any inconveniences occurred.


Two weeks plus ago, went to the Rockaway Festival at Bukit Jalil. First festival since in a few years... It was awkward at first but found my inner-self-enjoyment-spirit again after watching Radhi and Hujan.

The best thing about this Festival is the performing bands are from my high school days - the Malaysia's independent music scenes. Hujan, Oh Chentaku (missed it!), Radhi, Pop Shuvit, One Buck Short, Dejavodoo Spells, Butterfingers, Zainal Abidin, Alleycats, an Indonesian band The Chungcuters... Also, there's current millennium band like Kyoto Protocol.

Main reason for me to buy Rockaway 2016 ticket is because of Taking Back Sunday. So surprising to see their name in the line-up!

It was a great show. Wait, no. Make it, TWO great shows.

Watched TBS on Saturday night. Then watched it again at a more intimate place on Sunday night.

Ever since at both events I keep on listening to TBS.

Thank you TBS for two great shows!