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New Malaysia. Malaysia Baharu.

9th May 2018, 82% of Malaysians cast their votes.

10th May 2018, Malaysia has chosen to have a new government to steer their country.

Proud to live this day to see this change.

Let's see what new government have. Until next election comes in 5 years time.


Since came back from the UK in 2016 and a friend of ours working at the board game shop in Kota Damansara, we do our weekly/ fortnightly/ monthly meeting of board game. Usually in Kota Damansara, or at mamak restaurant.

My wife has been collecting board games ever since postgraduate study and she have some good collection of board games.

Also good to know our school friend play board games at McD Taipan.

Is it a trend???


So my wife decided to brought me to the Sunway Lagoon without telling me the intention. We came here by public transportation straight from work. I know nothing of the event there happening all month. It was Night of Fright. Together with her sister and cousin as for my birthday.

Started from 7pm-ish. Ends at 10pm-ish.

It was fun! But we had only little amount of time with a lot of rides and long queues. We managed to go 3 or 4 rides.

Happy birthday to me.